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Cabinet appointments are a missed opportunity Women for Election has said. Responding to the fact that there are only 4 women appointed as Senior Ministers (the same as the previous government) Ciairín de Buis, CEO of Women for Election said “It is disappointing that once again a government have missed the opportunity to appoint a balanced cabinet. There has now been a total of 22 women who have been appointed to cabinet since the foundation of the state. That’s not good enough.”

Ciairín de Buis continued “It’s not enough to say there aren’t enough women in the Dáil to appoint a balanced cabinet. This isn’t inevitable, it’s not like the sun setting every evening – there aren’t enough women in the Dáil because of systematic barriers to their full participation in Irish political life. We need political leadership to see change across all levels of politics – this was a missed opportunity to see more women at cabinet level. And while it is very welcome that two women have been appointed as ‘super juniors’, I’ve no doubt that both women (and many others) would have been more than capable of serving in a senior cabinet role.”

Ciairín de Buis went on to say “Taoiseach Micheál Martin also has the opportunity to see a more balanced Seanad, through the Taoiseach’s nominees.  We’ve all heard rumours that half of the nominees are to be women – if the Taoiseach is serious about seeing more women in politics, it needs to be more than that.”

Ciairín de Buis finished up by saying “We wish the Taoiseach, and his colleagues well at this critical time for our country. We look forward to working with them, and the opposition, to ensure that this government puts in place practical solutions that will ensure we see more women in the Dáil and Seanad next time around.”



Notes to editors

Ciairín de Buis is available for comment on 087 1207103.

Women for Election is an independent organisation that works to see the full participation of women in Irish politics. We work to see more women elected.

Clarification: An earlier version of this release said 23 women had been appointed to the cabinet in the history of the state. This should have read 22.

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