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Want to see more women elected? Here’s what to do….

Women are more than ½ the population, but we are less than ¼ of our elected public representatives. That needs to change. Women for Election want to see an Ireland with the full participation of all women in Irish politics. We inspire, equip and support women to succeed in politics. We are a non-partisan and independent – working with women across the political spectrum. Women for Election are the only organisation solely focused on increasing the number of women elected to political life across the country. Our approach works – we worked with or trained more than ½ of the women elected to their local council last year, 31 of the 36 women in the Dáil, and 11 of the 15 women elected to the Seanad in 2020. But we need to do more.

What the government needs to do:

The next Programme for Government should make a commitment to women – and remove barriers to their election. We are asking the next government to ensure parties run enough women in all elections. The next Programme for Government should commit to:


1. Legislate for a quota system for local and Seanad elections.

Parties should be required to ensure at least 40% of their election candidates are of each gender, and introduce additional targets to improve diversity within our political system.

And to help ensure we can continue to inspire and equip women to run for election, the next government needs to:


2. Fund Women for Election to ensure we continue our vital work to train and support women to succeed in politics.

In addition, the next Taoiseach has the opportunity to start to address the imbalance in the Seanad. The Taoiseach should nominate women, politically engaged and expert women, to the next Seanad.


You can read Women for Election’s submission to Programme for Government here


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Starting next year, at least 30% of CDU government positions and members of parliament in Chancellor Angela Merkel's party are to be filled by women. The quota is to be raised to 40% in 2023 and 50% in 2025.

Clear, achievable targets. It can be done.


Leader of @sinnfeinireland, and first woman Leader of the Opposition, @MaryLouMcDonald is the next guest in our 'In Conversation With...' series.

Deputy McDonald will be speaking to author @MartinaFitzg
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