When the guys in Social Entrepreneurs Ireland suggested a blog to us here in ‘Women for Election’, we hopped! “Be careful” we warned, asking women to speak about women, sure they might never stop   So, join us as we take you through our journey as a finalist in the incredible Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Social Impact […]

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“They say that ‘seeing is believing’, but if Social Entrepreneurs Ireland believed that, we wouldn’t be where we are now, would we? More like ‘not seeing is believing’. Well, that’s how it was for us: the dearth of women in Irish politics, election after election, and the lazy sense that we should just live with […]

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The reasons why we have so few women in politics are well known and well rehearsed – the 5 Cs: cash, culture, childcare, candidate selection and confidence.  But there is something else too, something that is easy to address if we are all conscious of it: women don’t run for elected office because no one […]

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“Only three” I hear you cry! Yes we often read about the top 10 things we should do to change our lives, or the top 5 changes we can make to be more successful. Well Women for Election understand that you are busy and we aren’t going to be that demanding! We have 3 suggestions […]

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Initiatives which encourage, empower and support women in political parties are always welcome, especially within the bigger parties where more needs to be done to achieve a better balance. #MoreWomen

There is still time to apply for the CEO position with Women for Election, to lead us and achieve our mission of getting #MoreWomen elected.

Join us in changing the face of Irish politics for the better!

Applications close Weds, 23rd Sept.

More here: http://bit.ly/WfECEOad

Ruth Bader Ginsburg “women deserve to be wherever decisions are made”. It’s that simple @women4election https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/18/ruth-bader-ginsburg-death-legacy-supreme-court

✨ “Men are assumed to be competent until they show themselves to be incompetent. Women are assumed to be incompetent until they prove themselves to be competent,” says Laura Liswood, the Secretary General of CWWL. Stop underestimating women's ability to lead. #genderequality