To our WfE supporters and community,

We are in a challenging, surreal time. We are facing our greatest crisis, and are doing so together (while socially distancing).  Throughout this crisis we are focused on our supporters, our team, and our work.
All of us in Women for Election, are thinking of those directly affected by Covid-19. We wish you well. We thank those who are working on the front lines of this pandemic, and those who cannot stay at home but go to work to help keep our country going.
We would also like to thank our politicians, across government and opposition, who are providing us with leadership and ensuring we come through this as a society. Now, more than ever, we are seeing the importance of politics and a balanced political system.

In the interest of our health and well being and in doing our part to flatten the curve, Women for Election moved to working as a virtual office early last week and have cancelled our ‘in-person’ training and events for the foreseeable future. We are looking to alternative ways to train and support the women we work with. We will continue our work in new and different ways for as long as this crisis lasts. We are collaborating, innovating and keeping going as much as we can in these strange times. We will be following all Government guidelines and advice in how to safeguard against the spread of Covid-19. 

This is a worrying and concerning time for many. We all need to follow the advice given by our medical professionals in order to flatten the curve of this pandemic. 
There are a number of helpful Twitter accounts that you can follow and share messages relating to COVID-19:  ‪HSE Ireland , the Department of Health and the HPSC. There is a support line for older people, a collaboration with ALONE  and the Department of Health and the HSE – 0818 222 024. And for those of you with children, this might be of use – it’s bit out of date (it was before the Patrick’s Day events were cancelled), but a very child-friendly explanation of the virus.

Keep washing the hands!
Tiocfaimid slán, 




How we react and behave in the next seven days will impact the spread of Covid-19, as advised by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan. We are encouraging the WfE community to follow all government advise and limit social interaction in order to flatten the curve.




We know for many people self isolating and remaining indoors will be challenging.

The Women for Election team would like to share some of our top picks of what to watch, read and listen to during this period – these are our American listen, watch, read. We’ll pick some from closer to home for our next update.

ReadThe Education of an Idealist by Samantha Power

WatchRGB– A documentary detailing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and landmark work on women’s rights.

Listen: Ronan Farrow’s Catch & Kill 



Due to the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment, WfE have cancelled a number of events including two fundraising evenings. If you are in a position and would like to support the work we do, please visit our donation page here.

We will continue to support and engage with women and strive to see #MoreWomen enter political life.


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Excellent analysis ⁦@jenoconnell⁩. Diversity in public representation is critical to effective governance. Ireland ranks very poorly: Only 1 in 5 women & very minimal visible diversity in public office here. Put simply we need #MoreWomen elected.