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Women for Election 22/04/2020

As we face an uncertain future, the need for equal representation across politics is more urgent than ever. The next Government must recognise the failings of the past in this regard and make provision to address these failings in the next Programme for Government.

Ciairín de Buis, CEO of Women for Election says “ We need more women involved in the response to the current crisis and in the recovery process. Internationally, there is compelling evidence that female led and gender balanced Governments are responding to COVID19 more effectively than male dominated ones. Women need to be part of the recovery we face after this pandemic has passed. There are 11 seats in the Seanad to be filled by the next Taoiseach. We strongly urge the next Taoiseach (whoever that may be) to seize this opportunity, when nominating Senators and when forming the Cabinet.”

Ciairín de Buis, CEO of Women for Election, continued “The Programme for Government must recognise the right of women to be part of our political system and include an effective mechanism to achieve this. We are calling for 40% gender quotas to be introduced for Local Elections  – the local elections last year showed that political parties need a quota system in place at that level. Just 24% of those elected in last year’s local elections were women. Despite the fact that the evidence suggests the barrier is getting onto the ticket, not getting elected.

“We know that women are being disproportionately adversely affected by this pandemic. Women make up the majority of the teachers, nurses, childcare workers, carers and casual workers as well as carrying the most caring responsibilities at home, so, we cannot allow this to become another barrier to women participating in political life.  Enhanced supports and increased funding for organisations working with women entering politics will be crucial to ensure we do not end up with even fewer women able to run for election in the future.”



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