As we move into the bank holiday weekend, it looks like the sun is going to be shining! And while the Covid crisis is far from over, it’s good to see us heading in the right direction.

We’re very conscious as we’re delivering our training and online webinars and working with future politicians, that some of our current politicians are negotiating the next Programme for Government. We don’t yet know what that government will look like, or what the Programme for Government will contain. But if the next government wants to see more women elected, there are two simple things they can do:

1. Legislate for a quota system for local and Seanad elections.

2. Fund Women for Election to ensure we continue our vital work to train and support women to succeed in politics.

And the next Taoiseach can nominate women, politically engaged and expert women, to the next Seanad. A small step to start to redress some of the imbalance in the Oireachtas.

As one of our key supporters, you know that Women for Election wants to see the full participation of women in Irish political life and why this is so important. This week we heard from one of our best known politicians (who we are also lucky enough to have serving as a board member of Women for Election), when Senator Lynn Ruane chatted with journalist, columnist and supporter of WfE Alison O’Connor. They chatted about the current government negotiations, class, the importance and impact of sharing personal experience and the need for critical thinking in politics. Many of you joined us, and I’m sure you all found it insightful and thought-provoking. Huge thanks to Lynn and Alison for an open, honest and wide-ranging conversation (and to Lynn’s dogs who joined us 😉).

Next week we’ll be having a training session with Craig Dwyer, of ForAChange, who will be taking us through using social media for political campaigning and how to manage your online campaign. Social media, with all its benefits and challenges, is a key aspect of any political campaign now. And as we figure out how to live with Covid-19, it’s likely to become an even more important aspect of political life and campaigning. If you’re even vaguely thinking of running at some stage, don’t miss this one – if you’re not thinking of running, don’t miss it either!

And as always, if you can donate to help us out, please do. We’ve made the decision to provide most of our training and events free of charge during this pandemic, and our fundraising has been badly hit during the lockdown. We do receive government funding, but we need to match that funding to keep going with our work to train and support women to succeed in politics. Since the lockdown we’ve rolled out a busy programme of training and events, and we’re delighted to see so many of you taking part. As always, if you’ve any suggestions for training topics, or if there is anyone you would like to hear from as part of our In Conversation With…  series, do please let us know.

Enjoy the sunshine, within 5km from home, and see you next week!

Tiocfaimid slán,

Digital Campaign Consultant and Transparent Referendum Initiative founder, Craig Dwyer, will take you through everything you need to know about using social media for political campaigning and practical tools on how to manage your campaign online.

This online training will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of June at 11am.

Our Working Together Webinars & Training are free, however if you are in the position to make a small donation, you can do so here.

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Working Together Training

Social Media with Craig Dwyer– 3rd June @ 11am 
Introduction to Political Systems & Structures with Pat Montague– 17th June @ 6pm

In Conversation With… 

Activist Ailbhe Smyth with Alison O’Connor– 25th June @ 2pm


Notes to Self by Emilie Pine– A book loved by all in the WfE offices. A must read…and reread for everyone.

The Red Box Politics Podcast– Times writers and columnists give their perspective on major national and international stories


The Lost Words 1000 Piece Jigsaw– Something a little different for this weeks watch, so as to give those eyes a break and reduce screen times.

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