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We were delighted Ambassador Samantha Power joined us to take part in our In Conversation With…series. Samantha spoke to journalist Dearbhail McDonald about everything from pandemics, presidential campaigns to the personal. Her take on global current affairs was, as always, insightful and I think many of us were strangely reassured that she too is in ‘home schooling hell’. We really appreciate that Samantha took the time to chat with us again, and the support both she and Dearbhail continue to give to Women for Election.

To let you know, and I know some of you wanted to join us and weren’t able to – we recorded the episode and will be releasing it as a podcast at a later date, so do please keep an eye on your mailbox and social media for it. I have to say it was great to see that more than 160 of you logged on and joined us. It’s wonderful to see so many of you engaging with our ‘new normal’ approach to training and events. Our next guest in the In Conversation With.. hot seat will be Senator Lynn Ruane, who will be taken through her paces by journalist, Alison O’Connor. Details for this are below.

We are developing a full calendar of virtual events and training for the coming weeks, as we continue to stay connected while apart. You can see see what we have lined up below. If you have any ideas and suggestions for training you would like to see, please do let us know – we’ve had some great suggestions that we’ve been able to follow up on, and would welcome any more ideas you might have.

All of us have been impacted by the pandemic in different ways; in Women for Election we will continue to offer most of our online training for free so as to make it as accessible as possible. Now, more than ever, we want to reduce barriers to participation. But Women for Election, like many other organisations have been badly hit by this pandemic – so . if you are in a position to donate, we would really appreciate it.

As always we are grateful for the support of our WfE community. We ourselves have found the new normal of online events and training to be a great source of inspiration and connection. It is lovely to be able to get out a bit more and to see restrictions easing, but we still need to stay the course.

Tiocfaimid slán,

We are delighted to announce Senator Lynn Ruane will be taking the hot seat in our next episode of In Conversation With…. Journalist Alison O’Connor will be speaking to Lynn about her political journey, as well as the most recent Seanad election.

We are honored to have Lynn, who is a member of the Women for Election board, and Alison, who is a longtime supporter, join us for what is guaranteed to be an informative and inspiring conversation.

Thursday, 28th May @ 11am.

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Upcoming Working Together Training

Social Media with Craig Dwyer– 3rd June @ 11am 


Katie– Watch the inspired documentary on Irish boxer, Katie Taylor.

Desert Island Discs– Sinéad Burke disability rights activist and teacher, shares the eight tracks, book and luxury she would take with her if cast away to a desert island.

People Like Me by Lynn Ruane- A WfE favorite. An important and inspiring read, we’re very much looking forward to hearing from Lynn next week.



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Looking to use social media more effectively? Our next training will take you through:

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Weds @ 11am. Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Y3vHFmzGSESCgEG15P571w

Our next virtual training will take you through everything you need to know about using social media for political campaigning and how to manage your campaign online.

Weds, June 3rd @ 11am. Sign up here: http://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Y3vHFmzGSESCgEG15P571w

Great conversation through @women4election with @SenLynnRuane. I gained a lot. Not just information, but also a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women. #Time4Change https://twitter.com/women4election/status/1265948619238191110

Huge thank you to @SenLynnRuane and @alisonoconn for the insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring conversation this morning. And to everyone who joined us!

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