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We have been brain storming ways that we can continue to encourage and support the Women for Election community through these strange and unusual times we find ourselves in. This Working Together Newsletter was one of the key tools- all past editions are available on our website here.

We here, at WfE, are committed to seeing the full participation of women in Irish politics and will evolve and adapt to the current situation we find ourselves in. As part of that we are considering new and innovative ways that we can provide training and support to women who are choosing to run and engage with political life. One of these is our new online seminars, the first of which, will be taking place on Wednesday the 8th of April at 11am hosted by Orlaith Carmody (for full details see below).

We hope you and yours are taking care and staying healthy. We are committed to staying focused and doing all we can to support the Women for Election community.

Tiocfaimid slán,



We are incredibly excited to launch the first of our online seminars this Wednesday8th of April from 11am. Communication and Leadership expert, Orlaith Carmody, will be leading the session on Resilience, a topic that feels very appropriate during this time of crisis.

If you would like to be apart of the session, please fill out our online registration form here

The training will take place through video call app Zoom, this can be downloaded here

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Counting has begun to fill the 60 seats of the 26th Seanad and is expected to go on until Friday, 3rd April49 of these seats are made up of the Vocational and University panels. The remaining 11 are the (next) Taoiseach’s nominees and their election is contingent on the formation of the new Government. Counting has finished up for the two University constituencies and a number of the Vocational panels. Our Twitter has the latest updates.

At this extraordinary time, the count centres are closed to candidates and spectators and the Electoral staff are following safe distance protocols. We want to commend everyone working in the count centres to ensure the Seanad Election process remains on track.

While many of us are missing out on the excitement of the tally and the buzz of a busy count centre, you can watch live steam of the count here.

Now, more than ever we need a Government which represents us all. As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 crisis, and the aftermath, we need leaders who listen and act in all our interest. We need balance on the committees and groups which will be making far reaching decisions in the coming months. For this, we need more women at the table, in the Dáil, the Seanad and in Cabinet.

To read more about the Seanad process click here and to stay up to date with all the results visit our Twitter and Facebook


Read: People Like Me by Lynn Ruane– Lynn has just been voted back in as a Senator on the TCD Panel and we are proud to say she is also a member of our Board.

Watch: As venturing too far outdoors has been restricted we have been finding SaraBeth’s Yoga Classes to be a useful tool to remind us to stretch and breath.

Listen: Rita Wilson, and her actor husband, Tom Hanks, were recently quarantined in Australia due to Covid-19. During their time in quarantine, Rita curated an isolation inspired played list: Quarnatunes

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